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House/SGA crossovers: A reference

I didn't ask to wake up at 5:30 a.m. on the first day of this long weekend when I don't even wake up at 5:30 a.m. to go to work, but since it happened, what better way to spend the extra time than compiling a list of House/SGA crossovers? Some of these have already been recced or posted here, but I thought it would be nice to have everything in one place.

Caveat: Please read the authors' story headers for warnings, ratings, etc. Some of these fics may contain explicit sex, m/m content, violence, or other subject matter that may not appeal to all readers.

ETA: Now with a separate list for thedeadparrot's Mathletes fics.

ETA: Now with art & vids!

Last updated: 8/11/10


1/26/10 - One Night in Princeton by bironic - Because Radek deserves something nice once in a while, and Thirteen recognizes a good thing when she sees it.

11/1/09 - The best is yet to be by tigriswolf - Third part in a WIP featuring a Star Trek: Reboot multifandom crossover superhero high school AU; so far the SGA and House characters haven't interacted.

8/27/09 - Afterschool Special by zulu - High-school-aged House and McKay watch Star Trek and are stupidly infatuated with each other in a way only they could manage. Fits in the Mathletes 'verse.

8/21/09 - Artificial by antiqueskies - "We create our own realities." Which world is the dream? Sort of a House twist on SGA 3x6 "The Real World." A mix of chilling and hopeful. House, Weir.

8/18/09 - When Worlds Collide by vickysg1 - Carson calls on his old friend Lisa Cuddy (and therefore House) when Cadman falls mysteriously ill. Implied budding House/Cuddy and past Cuddy/Carson.

7/28/09 - Earning their Keep by bironic - Sequel to "Houseguests" below. Sheppard/McKay/Wilson(/House).

7/27/09 - Houseguests by deelaundry - Cameron gets a surprise when she stops in to use House's bathroom.

5/17/09 - The Patient by anne isabelle - House and Wilson help an anaphylactic guy in the diner. A few phone calls and a dose of truth serum later, they end up joining the SGC too. I think. House/Wilson, McKay/Sheppard.

1/25/09 - The Benefits of Dental Hygiene by bironic - Two men with great teeth have an encounter in a Princeton bar. Ronon/Foreman PWP.

1/21/09 - The Same Release by sabinelagrande - Cuddy gives Weir a measure of comfort and release during "The Return." Cuddy/Weir d/s.

11/13/08 - Election Day by deelaundry - Dialogue-only fic wherein House and Wilson encounter a variety of people while waiting in line to vote -- including the familiar-sounding Really Talkative Guy, Really Tall Guy and Military Message Deliverer/Slinky Guy.

8/8/08 - time passes by chopsticks/antiqueskies - Written for cuddy_fest, prompt #325: Cuddy/House, Sheppard/Weir. Lisa's old college roommate, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, calls in an intergalactic favor.

8/4/08 - scientist studies by adriaharrison - I'm... not sure I understand this one, but the main character's last name is Cuddy and she meets Rodney McKay towards the end.

7/29/08 - Wilson and McKay snippet by thedeadparrot - Wilson finds himself promoted to CMO of Atlantis, forced to deal with everything from weird alien viruses to House and McKay. Short & fun. Gen.

7/24/08 - Five Commanders Atlantis Never Had (And The Crews That Came With Them) by teh_bug - Commander #2, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, pwns McKay while House makes lesbian jokes about the crew. Gen.

7/3/08 - July 1, 198_ by zulu - a.k.a. the "Canada is boring" ficlet. In which young House and young McKay are adorable on Canada Day. Part of the Mathletes 'verse.

6/17/08 - Dangerous Ground by pwcorgigirl - A disaster during a planetary exploration mission results in a team of civilian medical experts being called to Atlantis. I haven't read this yet, but pwcorgigirl is a master fic writer, so it's bound to be fantastic.

5/6/08 - Null Hypothesis by zulu - Comment!fic; part of the Mathletes 'verse. "The only science project is finding out what could possibly shut you up," House said. "My null hypothesis is that it can never be done."

5/2/08 - Outtake from "The Difference Engine" by copperbadge - Five-paragraph, unrelated, standalone scene in the story notes to copperbadge's four-part robot!John story, in which John finds that House is the only doctor in two galaxies Rodney gets along with.

4/28/08 - Filling In by deelaundry - (AU SGA) In which McKay has the perfect job, and House benefits. House/McKay.

3/30/08 - In For a Pound by deelaundry - Long, hot foursome sequel to "Out of the Blue." Written for the House Big Bang challenge. Sheppard/McKay/House/Wilson.

1/20/08 - Too Long by bironic - For oxoniensis's Porn Battle V; Two men seize an opportunity to enjoy something they haven't let themselves have in a long time. Wilson/Sheppard.

1/20/08 - Purple* by deelaundry - For oxoniensis's Porn Battle V; Stoned sex with a young random stranger, years ago. House/Sheppard, brief, hot, young and yummy.

9/28/07 - Percentages* by ladycat777 - McKay's dying, and they don't know why; Sheppard takes him to PPTH. Sad yet strangely hot, with wonderful interaction between Sheppard and House. McKay/Sheppard established relationship.

8/25/07 - What The Ducklings Did On Their Summer Vacation* by roga - Chase, Foreman and Cameron get recruited to help out in Atlantis. Hilarity ensues.

8/14/07 - Not Quite Normal by mhalachaiswords - Chase considers a new career path. Gen, 250 words.

7/7/07 - Trying to Find Atlantis by Kara B. - While visiting New Jersey to deliver condolences, Sheppard gets in a car crash and wakes up at PPTH with amnesia. Adventure ensues as he and Cuddy are kidnapped by SG-1 villain Ba'al. Sheppard/Cuddy. WIP.

6/18/07 - Stateless* by thedeadparrot - John meets a man named James in the hotel he's staying at while Rodney delivers a lecture series at Princeton U. Wilson/Sheppard.

6/6/07 - Painters and Patients by viciouswishes - Cameron/Lorne, sequel to "Points of Separation."

6/1/07 - Untitled Wilson/Sheppard comment!fic by thedeadparrot - Wilson and Sheppard keep each other company while House and McKay argue in a treatment room.

5/30/07 - Untitled House/McKay comment!fic by thedeadparrot - A bunch of SGC members come to PPTH, and House amuses himself treating McKay.

5/30/07 - Out of the Blue* by deelaundry - Two couples meet at a GLBT-friendly charity function and retire to a hotel room for some fun. House/Wilson, Sheppard/McKay, Wilson/Sheppard.

5/26/07 - Five Ways To Start A Crossover I'm Never Going To Finish by hellpenguin - Diagnostician Dr. McKay, oncologist Dr. Sheppard, and sex in Wilson's Sheppard's office.

5/20/07 - Untitled House/SGA Crossover Quick Ficlet by deelaundry - McKay and Sheppard show up in the clinic, and a long-ago affair is revealed.

2/13/07 - New Jersey Voodoo* by rokeon - When John shows up at PPTH with an Iratus bug virus relapse, the team tries to diagnose him.

2/9/07 - Scenes from a Waiting Room by Miriel - Long-time drug-user John is brought to PPTH after seizing in a local bar. Dialogue-only snippets.

1/16/07 - 10 SGA AUs I Am Totally Not Writing: 2. Atlantis-Athos Teaching Hospital was torn between celebration and agony the day that Elizabeth Weir successfully recruited Rodney McKay by rageprufrock - “You do realize your fixation on him is both creepy and gay,” Gall said, pursing his lips and kicking his feet up on the conference table. On the whiteboard, his handwriting spelled out: LUPUS, VASCULITIS, and IT’S REALLY NEVER EITHER OF THEM I DON’T SEE WHY WE KEEP PUTTING THEM ON THE BOARD.

1/12/07 - Tales Told Out of Turn series by whiteraven1606 - House/Wilson/Chase and Sheppard/McKay. McKay is admitted to PPTH; he and House know each other from their schooldays. WIP (seems to have stalled)

11/16/06 - Four Ways Doctors Rodney McKay and Gregory House Never Met (and One Way They Hope They Don't)* by regann - AUs or intersections, depending on how you look at them. Warning for off-screen character death.

11/2/06 - Points of Separation by viciouswishes - Lorne meets Cameron while taking his mother to Wilson's office during "The Return, Part I."

10/25/06 - House in Atlantis by Belladonna - When House catches Wilson and Stacy together, he flees PPTH for a mysterious Air Force job. (There are sequels, A Goa'uld Comes to Jersey and Double Jeopardy, but they're SG-1 rather than SGA.)

8/26/06 - What's the Differential? by meredevachon - Rodney and Ronon spontaneously change places with House and his team. Meta solves the case. Gen.

8/20/06 - Five Ways in which Doctors Rodney McKay and Gregory House are Alike (though they live in different galaxies)* by regann - Not, as I thought when it was first posted, a list, but rather five lovely pairs of story segments built around the characters' similarities, with shades of McKay/Sheppard and House/Wilson besides. Vague spoilers for "The Eye" and "Trinity."

4/19/05 - Late Nights and Other Irrelevancies by wisdomeagle - Rodney could feel his heart beating faster and his perspiration increase, but even he didn't need House to diagnose those symptoms. He was in love.

Mathletes 'verse* by thedeadparrot (in chronological order of posting):

5/2/07 - High School Is Not Another Name For Hell, Or How Rodney Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Prom - Scorn, Mathletes and boycrushes: McKay and House in high school together.

5/28/07 - Undressing Like Cross-Eyed Strangers, Or It's Not Paranoia If The Universe Really Is Out To Get You - Sequel to "High School Is Not Another Name For Hell..." Years later, Atlantis needs House's help.

6/1/07 - Summer Rain, Or When You Stop Taking Chances, You Stay Where You Sit - It's hot and muggy and Rodney doesn't want House to leave.

6/4/07 - Canada Is Awfully Nice In The Summer, Or How To Scare Off Potential Future Boyfriends In Two Easy Steps - While visiting McGill, Wilson watches House watch McKay.

7/12/07 - "immediately after House stalks Rodney in Canada" comment!fic - Wilson almost looks concerned, and House just wants him to shut up about the whole thing, because there are some people in life that you're really not supposed to ever see again after you've parted ways, and House had always thought Rodney McKay was one of them.

7/13/07 - "House when he gets back post-Undressing Like Cross-Eyed Strangers" comment!fic - House returns from Atlantis and calls Wilson.

2/14/08 - Corporate Conspiracies for Dummies - House and McKay celebrate Valentine's Day in their own unique way.


(All art is work-safe unless otherwise indicated.)

5/21/08 - Untitled House/Sheppard/Wilson .gif by hugelaurie. Wilson's jealous...

3/30/08 - Cover Art for deelaundry's "In For A Pound" by yevgenie. House & Sheppard, McKay & Wilson.

3/30/08 - Cover Art for deelaundry's "In For A Pound" by thedeadparrot. All four men locked in their circle. Grayscale, nice and moody.


10/26/08 - Elizabeth Weir-Lisa Cuddy by titesouris87 - Clever constructed-reality vid with a healthy dose of angst. Cuddy/Weir.

10/11/08 - House-Elizabeth by titesouris87 - Same as above, this time House/Weir.

1/19/08 - Stargate Atlantis, House Style* by skroberts. SGA opening credits done in the style of House. Way cool.

*particularly recommended

If you know of anything that isn't on the list, please point the way!
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