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Two stories and a question

1. A question:

Am I crazy, or was there once a piece of fan art where the cast of SGA was drawn as the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Was it House? Was it the other way around? Am I imagining it? (Prompted by discussion in comments to my sort of SGA-BtVS fic here.) ETA: Now I think I remember one that was the Harry Potter cast as BtVS, with Snape as Giles...

2. A crossover ficlet:

Title: One Night in Princeton
Pairing: Remy Hadley/Radek Zelenka
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 825
Spoilers: House 6.3 ("Epic Fail"); SGA series finale
A/N: A quick Porn Battle IX fic, prompt "unexpected." Read it there or at my LJ.

She is a good head taller, and far more pleasing to the eye than he with his scruffy hair and growing potbelly, but then he is accustomed to being with women who outshine him.

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Title: Dialogic Hegemony, Or How Controlling The Conversation Means More Naptime
Fandom: House/Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: mentioned House/McKay
Rating: PG
Word count: ~1000
Summary: House and Sheppard have a conversation.
Notes: Takes place during House's visit to Atlantis in the Mathletes-verse. Written for fearlesssisters as part of the Lightening Round at help_haiti. queenzulu rocks for the speedy beta and for providing the title.

( Dialogic Hegemony, Or How Controlling The Conversation Means More Naptime )
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Porn Battle open for prompts

Porn Battle IX is soliciting prompts this week and will open for comment!fics next week. It's been quiet here lately, but the Battle offers the perfect opportunity to increase the collection of House/SGA crossovers out there brightening the world. (Also House and SGA by themselves, of course.) I've loved writing a couple of crossovers each year and plan to do it again this year, and hope you'll consider dropping some prompts at and/or stopping by next week to fill some in.
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"The Benefits of Dental Hygiene," a Foreman/Ronon PWP

Title: The Benefits of Dental Hygiene
Pairing: Eric Foreman/Ronon Dex
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,200
Disclaimer: Not mine, etc.
A/N: Happy birthday, gate_house founder deelaundry! From Dee's prompt "floss" at oxoniensis's Porn Battle VII.

"Hey," Foreman said. It broke the unspoken men's room rule, but so did checking out your neighbor. "Nice tats."

Read it at the Battle or check out the full version at my journal.